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Welcome to Jerky Whisperer

~quiet but delicious

We have found the right combination of ingredients and beef love that make the perfect Beef Jerky. Our award winning original recipe has been a family secret for roughly a few days give or take.

It is always the right time to snack on Beef Jerky. It's a very high protein snack that fits right into most popular diet programs. We always recommend red wine when eating our Jerky with a knife and fork. Please ride your mowers responsibly.

Started in Oklahoma, Jerky Whisperer has become famous for a little dance number we did on TikTok, but we also make beef jerky. We get orders from the far east and west rooms of the house, and even a few from outside when the Wi-Fi is available

Oklahoma is known for our beef and cattle industry. It's no surprise that us Okie's would be good at making Beef Jerky. There are lot's of fine choices, but we do hope you will pick the Jerky Whisperer. The next time you come to an Oklahoma City Thunder game, or a University of Oklahoma Sooners football game (or for a few of you, Oklahoma State Cowboys)  be sure to sample all of the Jerky you can.

Please Enjoy, but keep your voice down.

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